January 19th 2018 Update.

Welcome to the GLOCK 2018 Florida IDPA State Championship.

It is here where you will find all important information concerning this event. Check back on a regular basis for updated information. We will no longer send mass emails to communicate this information.

We are proud to once again welcome GLOCK as our title sponsor.

The match will be held March 2-4, 2018 with staff shooting on Thursday, March 1st. We are proud to once again hold this match at the Homestead Training Center.

Only 15 slots remaining at a price of $150 per person.

The match is catered by our own Angelo Masarin, the owner of Salumeria 104 in Midtown Miami. For this reason, we are taking orders for food through February 15th. After that food will be available on a limited basis for walk up purchases.

Lunch will be $12 and you can see the menu by clicking HERE. If you are interested in booking food, email our MD Larry at the email below.


Match Director: Larry Wheeler (10724wheels@gmail.com)

Assistant Match Director: Jose Garcia

Stage Design: Andy Newton

Sponsorships: Robert Kuntz (rjkuntz@gmail.com)

Registration & Stats: Arnold Bustillo (arnold@range29.com)

Area Coordinator: Rick Lund



Registration opened on September 1st on Matchsignup.org. You must pay the same day you register to keep your spot. The registration period will end February 15, 2018 (you may make changes up until that time). Full refunds are available through February 1, 2018.

Squads numbered in the teens are for the Thursday Staff only shoot. Unless you are staff, you may not participate in those squads.

NOTE: it is very important that you accurately give your email address, phone number and complete all other areas requested when you register. Otherwise, we will not be able to contact you should there be an issue and we will not know your division, etc. Also, you need to input a PIN number when you register so you can change your registration, such as, squad number, division, add special designations like Senior, etc. We may not be able to make changes for you.

If you want to squad with other people, I strongly suggest you coordinate this with your friends before registering. It is very difficult for us to switch people around and increase squad sizes to fit in another friend. While we always do the best we can to help you out, you can manage this task better than we can.

Click HERE for the squad schedule.

It is your responsibility to make sure you are currently classified in the division of your choice.

Match Details:

This match is on the IDPA calendar as a Tier 4 match with 13 stages and a 200+ round count.

This match is open to current IDPA members Marksmen and above in the following divisions: CDP, SSP, ESP, CCP , REV and PCC.

This just in: We have designated two squads for PCC competitors.

Click HERE to preview the approved stages.

 Safety and IDPA Rules:

This Championship will fully use the IDPA rule book in all aspects, including safety. We encourage you to read the rule book in its entirety to understand the all rules and procedures.

Local range rules prohibit muzzles over the berm once a round is chambered and your finger is in the trigger guard. If you are empty and reloading, it is OK that your muzzle is upwards while indexing your next reload. Your finger must be clearly outside of the trigger guard. Make sure your muzzle is pointed at the berm when your slide goes forward in the event of an unplanned discharge that would leave the range. If you discharge a round over a berm, you will be disqualified.

The Homestead Training Center will have safe areas clearly marked in each bay. You may not handle ammo in a safe area. And your vehicle is not a safe area.

Our commitment to you is to have the very best safety officers available to help you enjoy the match. We have designed fun and challenging stages that minimize safety issues. However, nobody is more responsible for your safe actions than you are. As a tier 4 match, you will likely encounter various start positions and various activities in order to access targets.

We recommend that you incorporate in your dry fire practice safe gun handling skills.

  • Drawing from a holster with your trigger finger fully outside the trigger guard.

  • Safely accessing your firearm from a place other than your holster, such as a box or duffel bag.

  • Finger discipline. When reloading & moving,

  • Facing uprange, Turn and draw

We also recommend that you chrono the ammo you intend to use WITH the gun you intend to use before you attend any sanctioned match. Just because your ammo passed the chrono test in another gun does not mean it will be fine in the handgun you use.

Please read the equipment rules section to be sure all of your gear complies.


Once again we will be spoiled with food prepared and served by our own Master Chef, Angelo Masarin. Watch for details concerning how you can purchase a lunch and the planned menu. His lunches were a delicious treat in 2017.

We will be hosting a welcome bash at the Courtyard Marriott on Thursday, March 1st starting at 6:30pm. It will be catered by Chef Angelo.


The Courtyard Marriott is our official match hotel. We encourage you to make your overnight accommodations early. Click HERE for information on registration codes.

Volunteers for resetting and pasting: This year we are seeking volunteers that would like to work a 4 hour shooting block helping the SO’s with reset and pasting. At the end of each of the 4 hour blocks, you will be given a raffle ticket that goes to a drawing for a new firearm. This raffle pool will be only for those volunteers and pulled at the end of the match. Competitors or their friends and families can participate. If you have four hours you would like to do nothing but reset and paste, it will not interfere with your shooting time on a squad. Contact our MD Larry Wheeler if you are interested.


We encourage spectators to come out Friday through Sunday, March 2-4. There will be no spectators prior to Friday, March 2nd unless preapproved by the Match Director. Spectators must stop by the main check-in area to sign a waiver and receive any match information for their viewing enjoyment. Unless you are staff or a Championship participant actively shooting in a squad, you are a spectator and must remain outside of the areas designated for active shooting and squads. This is for everyone’s safety.


We welcome any sponsorship inquires. Please contact Robert Kuntz if you are interested.

We hope to see you at our match.

Larry Wheeler

2018 Match Director